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CoolAmulets® Collection. Very Unique and Special Engraved Lucky Donut Charm Pendant Necklaces Set with Inspirational Statement. Share one with your Love Couple or Best Friend. Each Amulet Donut Size: 30mm (a little over an inch).Each Amulet Charm is made with Handcrafted Engraving and Looks absolutely Amazing.Each is Ready to Wear with Very Popular Cotton Waxed Adjustable Cord which adjusts from 16 inches up to 24 inches long and may be worn Short or Long.Comes with Gift Style Packaging.

Absolutely Unique and One of the Kind Lucky and Inspirational Love You to the Moon and Back Amulet Engraved Donut Charms. Inspirational Donut Charms are made from Natural Hematite Gemstone with Gold-Tone Ink Engraving and another one with Silver-Tone Ink Engraving making your Amulets Eye Catching and Special.

Inspirational Statement: Love You to the Moon and Back. 

These Lucky Donuts will Inspire and Encourage you every step of the way. Will give you Strength, Power and Courage to Move Forward and to Stay Positive.

Stay Unique with your Own Inspirational Love You to the Moon and Back Amulets and Share one with your Best Friend or someone you Love and Care about.